Health Insurance

Health Insurance is not administered by the Hampshire County Retirement System.  Your former employer administers your health insurance coverage.

Although you have the option of having the Hampshire County Retirement System withhold Health, Life and Dental Insurance deductions from your benefit check, you are actually covered under your former employer’s health plan.  We act only as a pass-through for withholding premiums as a convenience to you.  If you chose to have your insurance premiums withheld from your benefit check, deductions will be taken and forwarded as directed by your former employer.

Enrollment, changes, direct payment of premiums or any questions about your Health and Life Insurance plan or premium amounts should be directed through your employer.

For those retired from the former Hampshire County, prior to January 1, 1999, your insurance is through the State Group Insurance program. Your changes or questions should be directed to Group Insurance Commission at (617) 727-2310.

Click here for Listing of contacts by employer.

Authorization to deduct insurance premiums

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Health Insurance Premium Exclusion for Public Safety Retirees (federal Pension Protection Act of 2006)