Reporting Death of Retiree or Beneficiary

The payout option (A, B or C) chosen when you retired determines the benefit available to your named beneficiary(s).  Please advise your family or other beneficiaries that benefits may be available to them and to notify the Hampshire County Retirement Office at (413) 584-9100 upon your death.  They will need to provide us with a copy of the death certificate for us to appropriately payout benefits to them.

If you chose an “Option C” benefit at retirement and your named beneficiary predeceases you, you will be eligible for an increased benefit (Pop-Up) equivalent to the “Option A” calculation.  In such a case you need to notify us and provide us with a copy of the beneficiary’s death certificate.  Upon notification and receipt of the death certificate, we will adjust your allowance retroactive to the date of your beneficiary’s death.

If you chose either “Option A” or “Option B” at retirement you may change your named beneficiary(s) at any time by completing and submitting a specific “CHANGE OF BENEFICIARY” form.  It is important to note a specific form, obtained from the Hampshire County Retirement System, is required to change a named beneficiary(s). No change will take effect unless and until that form is received by the Hampshire County Retirement Office.

It is also important to keep us informed of changes in address(es) for your beneficiaries in the event we need to contact/locate them upon your death.  To change a beneficiary’s address a specific form is not required, simply call or write to the Hampshire County Retirement Office.