Hampshire County Retirement System

Creditable Service Rules

  • Full- time equivalency is defined as a minimum of 35 hours/week for all positions.
  • All service that is less than 35 hours/week will be prorated against the full-time equivalency of 35 hours/week.
  • At retirement and only at retirement, if the highest average 3 year salary represents less than a 35 hours/week position, an adjustment will be made to creditable service based on the equivalency of the highest average 3 year salary used to calculate retirement benefit.
  • Pursuant to C. 21 § 26 of the Acts of 2009, creditable service will not be granted for any service occurring on or after July 1, 2009, for which annual compensation is less than $5,000 per year regardless of whether position is elected, appointed or classified otherwise.
  • Creditable Service is granted in full months only. A month of creditable service is calculated from the day of month service began to same day of next and succeeding months. Creditable Service is not granted for partial months.
  • At no time shall creditable service be granted that exceeds the actual calendar months of service. Creditable service shall not be granted for any period after termination of service or after date of retirement.
  • Creditable service shall not be granted for any period in which services were not performed and regular compensation was not paid except as otherwise authorized by statute (workers’ compensation, military service leave, etc.)
  • School employees who work on a 10 month school year contract will be granted creditable service of 12 months up to but not to exceed total calendar months from date of appointment to date of termination or date of retirement. School employees who have worked less than a full school year shall be prorated based on the calendar months actually worked.
  • School employees who are granted creditable service based on 10 month school year equivalent to 12 calendar months shall also have their average high 3 year salary calculated on same basis (i.e. school year vs. calendar year).